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Since the rise of Covid-19, it is interesting to analyze how companies are responding to the inevitable changes in the world by thinking of new ways to address customers and ensure their continued trust and demand. While most stores are closed and the purchasing power of many citizens has significantly decreased, companies are still portraying new and innovative ways to continue sales and improve brand awareness. I will focus on four different aspects: The first is the quick adaptation of their product’s message to intersect with customers’ new needs. The first Retail company that I noticed did a good job at this is Missguided. They began promoting their “stay at home” loungewear. You can easily find it on their website and they rapidly partnered with influencers such as Hannah Renee to advertise this line during quarantine.

Second, is their improvement of customer service to those who would have preferred to shop at the store. While brick and mortar is now temporarily closed, brands had to find ways to ensure that customers shop online. The biggest reason I tend to go to a retail store is for returns because I find it burdensome to mail back a product I do not like. According to CNBC, many customers share my stance and therefore stores such as Macy’s, Target, and Gap are extending their returns till after stores reopen.

Third is the increase in emails from CEOs to depict the strength and resilience of the company while also being vulnerable. Brands not only want to ensure that they will make it through these difficult times, but also emphasize that customers’ support is needed. In just the past month, I have received tens of emails from the CEOs of Airlines, Retail Stores, Workout classes, and many other industries explaining the company’s stance and how it plans to operate moving forward. What I found interesting is that in times like this you are able to see the real culture of a company, as you see what the leadership’s priorities are. Many emails I got put specific emphasis on their operations and the customers' satisfaction while others focused more on the safety of their employees.

Lastly, I noticed an increase in meaningful marketing that acknowledges the current circumstance. For the first time in almost 100 years, the entire world is going through the exact same situation. Therefore, now more than ever, it is essential for businesses to target this shared experience. Many businesses such as Nike are advising people to stay at home and this is important because consumers will remember the brands that were present and promoted the right message during these difficult times.



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