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The Rise of Instagram Reels

After the rise of TikTok over the past few years, other social media companies have tried to catch up by introducing similar features. For example, YouTube recently introduced Shorts and Twitter in their newly released video carousel. Perhaps the most notable version is Instagram’s: Reels. Reels are short-form videos that can include audio and filter effects, and like TikTok videos, have a huge potential to go viral. Although you can make videos based solely on your own ideas, there are also trends which can be recreated.

Reels reach a much larger audience than regular Instagram posts. They are most likely to be seen by people who do not follow your account, but are part of your target audience, as Instagram’s Explore feature suggests it to certain users based on their activity. Instagram has been strongly favoring Reels lately, making it a great option for content creators to include this video format and increasing the chance for their content to make it onto the Explore page.

People are drawn to the Explore page in hopes of watching entertaining videos, and the ease of scrolling through Reels can keep users hooked. Compared to longer videos, Reels pose an advantage by being more concise, and therefore, adept at engaging users who tend to quickly lose interest.

Although Instagram Reels are widely used by influencers and the general public, companies could also benefit from including this type of content in their social media. The new posting format allows for more informal content, revealing a more personal and authentic side to the company. This more personable side of the company can increase customers’ loyalty and emotional connection to the brand. As people comment on Reels and interact with each other, the company remains at their top-of-mind and the audience’s engagement is likely to increase.

Creating short-form videos can also be drastically cheaper than traditional marketing campaigns, but just as effective. It also typically requires less of a production process, since videos can be produced by just one person. In an era where users are bombarded with content, Instagram Reels can help companies become the brand consumers remember.

Written By: Juanita Henao



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