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The Fall 2019 Leadership Team

This semester we have a total of 22 members on the Guerrilla Marketing Society's Leadership Team! This is broken down into 7 E-Board, 13 Team Leaders, and 3 Inbound Team Members (yes it doesn't add up, yes there is overlap).

We blinked in all the good photos so this is the result
Fall 2019 E-Board Team

(Back Row Left-to-Right):

-Xristian Tjakra (President)

-Frances Smyth (Head of Inbound)

(Front Row Left-to-Right):

-Sharon Zhong (Co-Head of Communication)

-Ashley Wu (Co-Head of Communication)

-Yujia Zuo (Head of Funding)

-Lina Elansary (Head of Operations)

(Not Pictured):

-Ian Sung (Head of Strategy)


Fall 2019 Account Managers Team

(Back Row Left-to-Right): Emily Tam, Maggie Chou, Joseph Tang, Angie Feng

(Front Row Left-to-Right): Gianna Chioccariello, Nisha Yeleswaram, Wendy Wang


Fall 2019 Strategic Planners Team

(Back Row Left-to-Right): Gabriela Quesada, Justin Du, Rudra Bharat, Angela Xu

(Front Row Left-to-Right): Anastasya Chandra, Alyssa Neo


Fall 2019 Inbound Marketing Team


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