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The Best Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns of Halloween 2021

By Emily Tan

October was a buzzing month for most of America, to say the least. Mortals scavenged for treats, ghouls prowled the streets, and agencies accomplished many feats. As the month of terror fades into the shadows, we’ve rounded up our favorite guerrilla marketing campaigns of this spooky season.

Elysian Brewing: Scary Good Delivery Service

Elysian Brewing

Not only did they bring the scares, but the ghouls also brought the goods. This Halloween, Elysian Brewing teamed up with the famous Georgetown Morgue to launch the Scary Good Delivery Service. On Oct. 27 and 28, a crew of trained scare actors showed up at houses in Georgetown, Seattle to deliver a pack of the beer-maker’s pumpkin booze to Halloween enthusiasts. What a terrifying yet delightful way to market Elysian Brewing’s line of seasonal beers.

Sun-Maid: Raisin House


There’s no disappointment greater than spending hours on a mind-blowing costume just to receive… well, a box of raisins. Rather than sit Halloween out, Sun-Maid decided to own its controversial holiday reputation and create a fun experience for trick-or-treaters. The company transformed 3 East Cedar Ave. in Merchantville, New Jersey into a haunted house that featured the whole shebang – lights, sound, smoke, and ghoulish décor. The brand also created cleaning kits for raisin fans who found themselves at the receiving end of eggs and toilet paper. The campaign was a stellar example of a company joining a conversation it’d typically be excluded from.

Uber: Famous Rides


People weren’t the only ones getting decked out this Halloween. As part of its Famous Rides program, Uber pimped out its fleet to give its passengers a nostalgic ride of their lives. From Oct. 29 to 31, riders in select locations caught a glimpse of vehicles from three iconic cartoons: Scooby-Doo’s Mystery Machine in Atlanta, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Party Wagon in Miami, and SpongeBob SquarePants’ Patty Wagon in Los Angeles. To make the experience safer and more memorable, Uber also gave out themed face masks to passengers of the program. Not only did it find an unconventional way to join in on the festivities, but the company also upheld its mission of prioritizing rider safety during the pandemic.

Wendy’s: Scare-Thru Experience

Wendy’s/Jordan Strauss

Ever wondered what it’d be like to drive through a haunted house? Just ask visitors at Wendy’s 8810 South Garfield Ave. location. From Oct. 29 to 31, the brand held its Scare-Thru Experience in South Gate, California. The revamped drive-thru invited customers to navigate a ghoulish experience featuring a dinner party hosted by the Mad King and a scary clown laboratory. The brand also gave its first 5,000 customers a Boo Book that included coupons for free sweet treats. With this campaign, Wendy’s certainly elevated the fast-food experience and gave other chains a run for their money.



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