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Senior Spotlight - Yujia Zuo

Welcome back to another week of senior spotlights! Firstly, we would like to congratulate all of our seniors for their well-deserved success in graduating from BU! We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and look forward to seeing what you as alumni will achieve from here on out.

This week, we meet Yujia Zuo, GMS’ Head of Funding.

As Head of Funding, Yujia collects membership fees, allocates funding to areas of need, and also helps with the general meeting powerpoints. In addition to being Head of Funding, Yujia was previously an AM for two semesters, where she worked for Mike and Patty’s Sandwich Shop as well as Nanoleaf.

Yujia believes GMS stands out because it enables students to work with real clients, giving students the tools and resources that companies look for when hiring. She says that as an AM, she learned the importance of communication and timeliness. What made her commit to GMS throughout the years was the diverse community that welcomed her warmly. When asked what makes GMS valuable to clients, she said “we offer the companies that we work with a lot of resources that they wouldn’t be able to access without us, because of our ability to reach a large amount of students with surveys and research.”

As part of Yujia’s study abroad program in Italy, she completed a marketing internship that helped to shed more light on the operations of marketing agencies. When asked about her experience, Yujia said “every day we were working with something new. One day I would be researching mattresses and creating websites, and the next day I would be researching luxury handbags.” In addition, she noted that the relaxed business culture in Italy contrasts the more formal and fast-paced business environment in the US.

Outside of GMS, Yujia is also a part of Hearts for the Homeless, which partners with local homeless shelters to give blood pressure screenings to the homeless. When not preoccupied with GMS and Hearts for the Homeless, she enjoys to paint leisurely in her free time.

To her underclassmen, she had this to say: “Be more outgoing when trying new clubs, be more confident in your skills, and meet new people to broaden your perspectives.” Yujia would like to work for a Marketing agency where she could work with a variety of clients, and we wish her the best in her future endeavors!

-Sam Thayer



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