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Senior Spotlight - Xristian Tjarka

Welcome back to this week’s senior spotlight! This week, we feature our club President, Xristian Tjarka.

Xristian joined GMS and applied for a leadership position in the first semester of his freshman year, and shadowed a member of the E-board later in the spring. By his sophomore year, he became a fully-fledged E-board member, taking on the roles of club treasurer and head of design. His impact was instantaneous, as he re-designed the logo that we associate GMS with today, created the club website, and initiated a mailing list that promoted GMS to the student body.

By perceiving the significant benefits that GMS could offer to students with an interest in marketing, Xristian felt compelled to expand the club to seek out GMS’ fullest potential. He introduced the roles of Account Manager and Strategic Planner, which allowed for the E-board to focus on their more overarching administrative responsibilities. By having more focused leadership roles, GMS was able to work with clients more efficiently; this led to an increase in clients seeking out GMS’ services, unlike previous years where our clientele was solely built upon us actively reaching out.

“It’s gratifying to be able to see how the club has grown quantitatively, and to show it objectively,” he says. GMS’ website has received almost 30,000 impressions since its creation in 2017, and the club’s membership has tripled during Xristian’s tenure as a member of the E-board.

As for Xristian’s future endeavors, he hopes to find and fall into a role that allows him to not only apply himself technically; but, also creatively, wanting to further utilize his skills in graphic design and photography. During his interviews, GMS serves as a focal talking point. The club has allowed him to develop his skills in leadership, public speaking, and collaboration through leading teams, conducting workshops, and reorganizing GMS’ structure. “GMS also gives you a realistic perspective on what marketing entails. It’s not always fun, and there’s going to be a lot of monotonous work,” he says. Coincidentally, this ties in with his advice to members of the club -- “Join GMS if you enjoy marketing and want to help others realize their passions for the subject. Don’t focus on the titles and do the work because you have an intrinsic passion for it.”

When asked what he’ll miss the most about his college career, he said the community. “I’ll miss going to meetings with my friends and just living around them because we won’t be able to experience that again after college.” To his friends in the club, he had this to say: “Thank you for being a part of the club and thank you for helping it grow what it is today”

We hope Xristian, his fellow BU graduates and now GMS alumni find awesome careers in their respective fields. Once again, congratulations to the class of 2020!



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