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Senior Spotlight - Wendy Wang

Welcome to our final senior spotlight for 2020! We caught up with GMS’s Co-Head of Communications, Wendy Wang, to ask about her thoughts and experiences throughout her time in GMS and the broader BU.

Unlike the rest of our graduating seniors, Wendy is junior amongst her peers, but graduating a semester early. As Co-Head of Communications, she plays a central role within the club, looking for collaborative opportunities with potential clients in the Boston area and conveying their needs to the GMS community. When asked about her reasons for joining GMS, Wendy stated that it was an instinctive decision given her concentrations in Marketing and Management Information Systems at Questrom; but, what made GMS stand out to her was the opportunity it provided to work with real-world clients. She enjoys the “hands-on experiential approach” that GMS offers and thrives under its highly experimental structure.

It’s hard to tell how “timid” Wendy was during her earlier years in BU given how headstrong and driven she appears now. “I couldn’t even look my team members in the eye while we were presenting,” she says; however, “GMS was the catalyst that pushed me to crawl out from under my shell.”

Wendy’s humble beginning as a general member of GMS was short-lived for she was immediately thrown into the fray. Initially having applied for the role of Strategic Planner, she was also asked to take on the role of Account Manager to accommodate the heightened number of clients in the Fall of her junior semester. She was apprehensive about taking on the two roles simultaneously, thinking that she would have her work cut out for her, having to balance her numerous academic projects concurrently; however, to her pleasant surprise, she was able to lead her team to achieve the goals that they had set out for themselves and for their client, Wanderu. “It showed me that I was capable of more.”

When asked about her hobbies, she conveyed her love for learning and exercising indoors, with emphasis on the “indoors”. The avid learner and ‘Just Dance’ game enthusiast had this advice to give to her underclassmen: “Don’t be afraid to fail. There’s always fear, but the hardest step to take is simply the first one so just go for it!” She talks about the safety net that is college ruefully, and how it allows its students to learn and experiment carelessly. Now preparing to be a part of the working class, she fears she will have less time to indulge in her hobby of learning new passions.

“I mention GMS in all of my interviews” proclaims the club advocate. With her newfound confidence and arsenal of skills attained through GMS, she prepares to enter the workforce soon after one of the world’s greatest recessions. She is anxious, excited, but believes that she is well prepared to take on the challenges ahead.



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