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Senior Spotlight - Ian Sung

Welcome to Guerilla Marketing Society’s senior spotlight! A place where we appreciate our graduating seniors and give them a proper send off! This week, meet Ian Sung, GMS’s Head of Strategy.

Ian joined GMS in the spring of his freshman year, when the club was just starting out. Two years ago, he saw an opportunity in digital marketing, and started the Inbound marketing team, which produces digital content and increases campus presence. He also developed the methodology for GMS, a distinctive strategic outlook that makes GMS stand out from the other marketing organizations on campus. GMS operates similarly to a marketing agency, and has a large emphasis on experiential work -- something that drew Ian to the club.

Ian is one of the e-board members who isn’t in Questrom. The psychology major plans on attaining a clinical license and is interested in areas regarding humanitarian aid. GMS has taught him invaluable soft skills, and helped him develop his creativity. He emphasized the importance of learning how to work in and lead different teams, and how it is important to pay attention to team dynamic and momentum. Outside of GMS, Ian enjoys reading and hiking, and is part of the BU snowboarding team. He says he’s a relaxed person and doesn’t need much, preferring to spend time in nature and being disconnected from society. He also enjoys spending quality time with friends.

“It’s bittersweet,” Ian says. As a senior graduating into a global pandemic, he talks about his hopes for the future, and sadness at not being able to properly say goodbye to his friends. He speaks wistfully of how he’ll miss the busy campus atmosphere at BU, second to all the people he has met. Coincidentally, this ties in with his advice for incoming freshmen -- “appreciate the people you’re spending time with, look to learn from each other, and love what you do.”

When asked his favorite part about GMS -- “don’t put this in the interview,” but he is very proud of the family atmosphere that GMS establishes. “GMS is a club where you are friends first before work, and I’m really proud of being able to grow the club while simultaneously maintaining this atmosphere.” He has high hopes for GMS’s future development, and looks forward to watching the growth of the club as an alumni.



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