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Senior Spotlight - Emily Tam

In this week’s senior spotlight, we sat down with head of operations & finance, Emily Tam, to discuss her experience with GMS & BU, and what she has in store for the future.

Emily is a senior strategy & IS major from Chicago, Illinois. She joined GMS the fall semester of her sophomore year, and has held roles including general member and account manager, in addition to her current role.

When asked about her biggest takeaways from being involved with GMS, she pointed out that every member of GMS is able to gain hands on experience, even if they are not a marketing major. Also, members get the chance to learn how to work in a team environment, and there are various leadership opportunities. Emily specifically pointed out the virtual mentorship program which was created when GMS went virtual. The mentorship program is a two-way relationship that allows e-board members to learn about the projects that members are working, and allows account managers to learn about the things that the e-board is working on

In terms of how GMS has helped her career, Emily said that being in GMS has enabled her to “expand [her] thought processes.” Specifically, members are pushed outside of the box by understanding their clients needs and coming up with guerrilla marketing tactics. Also, if the clients needs are changed throughout the semester, members have to learn how to adapt to those changing needs.

When asked what accomplishment she is most proud of, she stated that she is proud of being in a position where she can mentor others and give advice to them. Not only does Emily apply her range of knowledge to her position at GMS, but she also uses her knowledge and experiences to mentor her siblings as well.

Emily had a lot of advice for current GMS members. When searching for a job or internship, Emily advises starting as early as possible and utilizing resources including Handshake & LinkedIn. Also, ask a lot of questions during class and during clubs. Lastly, savor the time you have in college and have fun. When asked what she will miss the most about college, she stated that she will miss studying with her friends late at night the most. Specifically, finding a study space, messing around with friends, and “ordering her first Popeyes chicken sandwich.”

In her free time, she enjoys trying new restaurants, working out, and watching crime shows. Emily currently has an offer from an insurance company in Chicago, and has interviewed with a marketing data agency in Boston as well. We wish Emily the best in all of her future endeavors!



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