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Senior Spotlight - Angela Xu

This week, we feature Angela Xu on our Senior Spotlight!

As a graduating senior, we sat down with her to talk about her experiences with the club.

Angela is originally from Rhode Island, and is passionate about branding and design, and sharing what she’s learned as a member of GMS, and she’s able to do so as GMS’s VP. GMS has supported her with client-facing skills, as well as improving her time management, communication, and teamwork skills. To all GMS and prospective GMS members, she recommends taking the initiative to try out new things, even if you’ve never done them before!

Outside of GMS, Angela enjoys exploring areas and trying out new food. You can follow her adventures at @biteswithange. She’ll be working at a Crypto DeFi company after graduation. We are excited to see what else she’ll accomplish in the future!



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