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Robo-Dog is a Man's Best Friend

By Stella Yang

The Super Bowl is an event in which everyone knows what to do – it’s time to crack open a pack of chips, gather around the TV, and of course, watch some of the most iconic ads of the year!

One of these ads in question is Kia’s ad, which features an electronic puppy chasing after a KIA EV6. However, the marketing doesn’t just end there. Taking it outside the screen, the brand, in partnership with the nonprofit Pet Finders Foundation, created a mobile experience called “Robo Dogmented Reality”, where you can bring the adorable ‘robo dog’ into your home. Kia doesn’t miss on the social media marketing either: if you’re in the mood to dance with a virtual dog, Kia also strives to bring their robo dog into Tik Tok, creating the “Turn Around Dance.”

Projects like “Robo Dogmented Reality” also dives into the world of nonprofit marketing. Although people often overlook the presence of marketing in nonprofits, these organizations can also launch creative marketing campaigns to get people more involved with their message. This marketing tactic not only serves to call users back to Kia’s products, but also is a way to promote the Pet Finders Foundation’s message of pet adoption. Now, people not only have easy access to an interactive (and very high-tech) puppy, but they can also find out where the adoption centers are in their local areas.

This new campaign also showcases the rise of the new wave of digital marketing: as technology and what we can do with it is on the rise, companies have been hopping on the wave of emails and social media to promote their brand. With these new trends, companies have become more and more interactive and approachable. For instance, “Robo Dogmented Reality” breaks through the barrier of separation between the viewer and the material in the ad on the screen that was present in the Superbowl – it allows people to directly interact with the company. The same principle is present in their TikTok dance campaign, however, it also opens up the option of person-to-person interaction. Users aren’t just limited to interacting with the robo-dog, they can also interact with other people: commenting on other posts, filming their own takes, or even just leaving a like on a fellow TikToker’s video further serves to promote Kia. This new variation of marketing, although it's still something we observe through a screen, ends up seeming more personal, bringing the brand and it’s message to life.

As more companies tap into digital advertisements, and the limits technology continues to be pushed, there is a lot more in store for the world of marketing.



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