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4 brands with brilliant TikTok Strategies

By Olivia Soto


Scrolling on TikTok is a major pastime for Gen-Z, and over the past few years, TikTok has changed the game for social media marketing by giving brands the opportunity to grow by connecting with their audiences in an engaging way. Companies have been experimenting with TikTok content by posting memes, contributing to existing trends, and creating unique campaigns. Here are a couple of examples of brands using TikTok to their advantage:

  1. CAVA

As the “Mediterranean version of Chipotle”, not only does this restaurant showcase its vibrant selection of eats through cooking videos, but they are also playfully self-aware by posting memes about their company. They also recently launched a collaboration with social media influencer, Emma Chamberlain which has given their TikTok a boost. CAVA’s creative strategies definitely seem to be working. With less than 10k followers, their engagement rate is running high and comments suggest that viewers love their content.

2. Gymshark

If you frequent the gym, you’ve likely seen someone sporting Gymshark. The company has been working to build an online community, and while going to the gym can sometimes feel like a chore — and Gymshark acknowledges this by frequently posting relatable fitness memes. The activewear brand also posts exercise and fitness progress videos that are sure to engage and inspire gym-goers everywhere.

3. Duolingo

Over the past few months, Duolingo has taken TikTok by storm. Boasting nearly 4 million followers and 70 million likes, the language learning app has surely paved the way as a successful example of marketing strategy on TikTok. With their memeworthy green owl mascot, Duolingo uses trends and popular audios to create a playful relationship with their target audience.

4. Glossier

Looking at the beauty industry, it's been no secret that social media is a powerful tool for garnering new customers through unboxing videos, tutorials, and product campaigns — all of which are very attractive to viewers who are looking for new products to add to their daily routines. In terms of transitioning these strategies to TikTok, Glossier is a prime example. The company has been posting content showcasing its line of aesthetically pleasing beauty products from skincare to fragrances. By extending its branding and unique look to its TikTok account, Glossier can keep its name out there and potentially attract new customers who are looking for a minimalistic beauty brand.



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